Why tampon manufacturers fly into a rage when they hear the words “menstrual cup”? Two useful hygienic goods, menstrual cups and first tampons came into a market almost simultaneously about a hundred years ago. But poor menstrual cup was incapable of competition. While a menstrual cup may serve for years, a tampon is here today and gone tomorrow as the saying goes. Typical woman utilizes more than 10 thousand tampons during her life. So a cup which you can buy once in a several years was doomed to be the second in the race for super-profit. And a cup still has its second place, but absolutely wrongly. This is the economical paradox. The majority of manufacturers continue to produce more profitable goods while realizing in secret, that accurate menstrual cup made of soft silicone is better and more efficient than any disposable tampon. Nevertheless they still try to prove the contrary to others.

Five main features of a menstrual cup in comparison with a tampon are as follows.

● Hygienic. Menstrual cup is manufactured of medical silicone only. It has no allergic reactions, can be sterilized in boiling water, doesn’t absorb smells and perfectly keeps the shape. At the same time, tampon manufacturers are analyzing the influence of cotton and synthetic fibers on the organism for more than 50 years. But the fact is that several deaths of toxic shock caused by tampons were registered in the eighties. We can hear tampon manufacturers saying “the risk of toxic shock is considerably lower nowadays”. But they are not hurrying to assure us of 100-percent guarantee. This is the good reason to consider the “harmlessness” of tampons, isn’t it?

● Direct profit for your health. Silicone cap unlike a tampon never prevent natural moistening of vaginal walls. It doesn’t leave microfibers on the vaginal walls which are the cause of harmful microflora progress. Silicone cup doesn’t disturb natural defense mechanisms of a female organism.

● Cleanness. Silicone cup doesn’t cause unforeseen problems such as a tampon’s tail soiling your underwear.

● Comfort. No tampon is capable of storing such an amount of fluid as menstrual cup does. You need to rinse out a cup less frequently than you need to change tampons.

● Profit and again profit! You are guaranteed of 10 years of utilization of a cup by its manufacturers. CupLee silicone cup will pay for itself in half a year. You won’t need to pay for tampons for several years.

And some mystics!
Your grandmothers and great grandmothers used simple rags very long ago, when there were no tampons or towels. It was necessary to burn or at least wash those rags after utilization. You may consider only economical reason in washing and simple way to get rid of trash in burning. But the thing is that our progenitresses believed that woman’s blood stores all the information about the person and keeps tied with the woman. All manipulations with a blood are reproduced with the person.
Imagine what happens when we throw out used tampons or towels, bearing a part of us. Our blood is stored in a rotting environment for a long time, and keeps sending us negative information. Afterwards we are amused, what is the cause of such a number of woman diseases. Now every sixth woman has barrenness, though it was very rare diagnosis in the past. You can say that the causes are bad ecology, irregular life, but those who practice energetic and magic can only smile hearing this, because they know the real value of blood.
So what should modern woman do? We have no Russian stove, no possibility to use and wash rags. But the escape route is so simple…
Simple water can wipe out the information from our blood and tear energetic ties. You don’t need to burn or wash something if you use the CupLee menstrual cup. You only need to rinse it with water and the tie will break.
You have not only physical, but also energetic defense with the CupLee menstrual cup.

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